Testimonies about TCA

Mark Harting- Desert Christian Academy, Tucson, AZ

"Belize was an amazing adventure that God directed and implemented beautifully. After turning off the main road to the school grounds, there was a presence of God opening His gates and welcoming us to His school. With all of the planning, organizing, those 10 days went too fast. It was such a blessing to be able to focus on God's requirements and expectations without outside distractions. When I close my eyes I see smiling faces, I hear laughter, and my heart is filled with love for Him!"


Ginger Slack- Calvary Chapel Mesquite, Nevada

"I experienced my first mission trip when I went to Belize in March, 2011. Our main projects had to do with the ministry at TCA. I was so excited to work with the kids and meet beautiful people I had heard so much about. The short term trip changed my heart and life forever. I fell in love with the people instead of materialistic things that we are spoiled with in the USA. God showed me that relationships are what matters. The kids and teachers at TCA taught me that love is universal and that is what God has called us to do, to love like He loves! I can't express fully what the mission trip did to me. There are truly no words that express the glorious experiences God allowed me to enjoy, learn and grow in my walk. It is so special to know I will be visiting soon with my husband. What a BIG BEAUTIFUL GOD WE SERVE!


Evans Mangar- Belize Bank Associate

"I, Evans Mangar, a former graduate of T.C.A in 2003, would like to share my experience at a school that jump started my academic life. It wasn't the largest school around nor did they have the largest student body. None the less this small school stood out for its academic performance and its primary reason, it's a Christian Academy. T.C.A was a new school, very few people knew it existed; as the years went by it grew and so did the challenge of finding space for students.

As a young boy, I never really took pleasure in going to school. I preferred staying at home and playing a game called "marbles' with my friends. Now I am glad that I didn't waste my time staying home. I met several new friends and developed great lifelong friendships with them but the teachers made a difference. The teachers prepared every class exciting and fun; which made learning enjoyable for me. The staff at the school was very diverse, the teachers were Belizean and American. I have watched T.C.A develop from 2003 to present. This school has gained quite a number of students and new facilities were added to educate them all. T.C.A was a wonderful school and it has taught me so much. It was the stepping stone to my education and a great place for any person to start enhancing their minds!"


Pastor Scott McLucas- Church of the Holy Spirit, Orchard Hills , Virginia

"My wife and our two daughters traveled with a mission team from our church to TCA. We loved the opportunity to interact with the children and teachers and contribute in some small way to the building of a new facility. Not only was the time spiritually uplifting but the adventures Emerson took us on were thrilling and ones that we will talk about forever."


Evin Chub- Mafredi Vocational High School

"All the years at T.C.A was very interesting to me. Even though I got in trouble a couple of times I did learn my lesson. The main thing I experienced is about God. Jesus is the only way to heaven. The best year at T.C.A was Standard 6 for me. I enjoyed it because it was my last year and I had to face the reality of how important school could be in my life. I am so glad for my teacher that year who showed me the importance of a good education and taking it serious. Thanks to all the teachers and staff of T.C.A. school because you have done a good job for years!"