School Hours: Monday- Thursday 8:30am- 3:00pm

                     Fridays- 8:30am- 12:00pm


September 2016

5th-First day of School

8th- First Parent-Teacher's Assembly

16th- Children's Rally

21st- Independence Day Holiday

30th- Progress reports due


October 2016

10th- Pan American Holiday

29th- Fundraiser Sale

November 2016

4th- End of First Quarter

7th- Begin Second Quarter

8th- First Quarter Report Cards Due

10th-Second Parent-Teacher's Assembly

20th- Children's Day/ CulturalDay


December 2016

2nd- Progress reports due

15th- Christmas Parties

16th- Staff development Session/no classes/Begin Christmas Break


January 2017

9th- School Re-open

27th- End 2nd Quarter and 1st Semeste

28th- Fundraiser Sale

31st- First Semester Report Cards Due


February 2017

24th- Progress Reports due


March 2017

9th-National Heroes and Benefactors Day

31st-Third Quarter Report Cards Due


April 2017

3rd- Primary School Exam First Sitting (English&Science)

7th- School closes for Easter Vacation

24th- School Resumes


May 2017

1st- Labor Day Holiday

2nd- Primary School Exam ( Math & Social Studies)

12th - Teacher's Day

24th- Commonwealth Holiday 


June 2017

2nd- End of 4th Quarter and 2nd Semester

4th- Pre Kindergarten graduation

6th- Second Semester Report Cards Due

7th- Standard 6 graduation

8th-Clean-up Day

9th- Class Party day/Teacher Check out/ Last Day


Note: All Progress Report will be handed out the week following its due date.